Successful Conclusion Of Rio Regatta

In the 470 Men sailing race the top three teams that emerged during the initial races were certain to win the medals, but what color was to be decided in the final days. For instance, Igor Marenic and Sime Fantela from Croatia emerged winners from this year’s event and won gold, the first in the country. The race was won by them by keeping a close look at their rivals who were the Britain team of Pavlos and Panagiotis as well as Will Ryan and Mat Belcher of Australia.

With the Croatian team winning the gold, the other two teams were up for the race for silver. The race for silver was initially dominated by Will and Belcher till they slipped and lost time to recover. However, they did make it for silver and the Austrian team had to settle for bronze.

There was similar close competition seen with teams like New Zealand putting in the lead to other teams like Britain, but ultimately all that Bareboat charter in Croatia paid off for the Croatian side. The Kiwi team was able to outpace their rivals and they were able to gain the gold again. This team was formed by Blair Tuke and Peter Burling who brought in one of the four medals in the sailing races from the country. In this category the Australian team came in second and the German team won a bronze.

This was the 31st Olympiad that ended in a good way after the start was an uncertain one. The 49erFX teams and others were able to conclude their series of races which initially was a hurdle as weather conditions continued to dampen the initial race plans. However, as the Olympic committee had promised, the races were pre or post scheduled and durations altered in order to ensure that no race gets called off completely. With a complete series completed, the sailing races were considered a success.