AI For Sailing

Artificial intelligence is no longer part of science-fiction as it is making inroads into technological advancement in different spheres. One such sphere where it is being utilized is in the making of faster boats. A group of engineers in Land Rover unit is working as the British Land Rover team who are working on a faster boat model that would make winning a sailing competition like the America’s Cup  a piece of the pie for the sailors.

With the use of AI the engineers have been working to incorporate the performance data of a boat into its engine system and to understand patterns of the same, so that the replication of the patterns can be done in a boat in order to make it move faster through the waters. Till date the team has been second in the World Series rankings of America’s Cup. They had a podium finish recently in a race that was concluded in Chicago recently. The next competition that is coming up as part of the tournament is in Portsmouth that is an island city. This would be on the forthcoming weekend when the team will try and close the gap in points that exists between them and the New Zealand team of Emirates that is the current leader.

The skipper and principal member of the Land Rover BAR team stated that the AI would give the differential that the team needs in order to win the Cup for the first time for the country. The expertise of machine learning as well as processing of big-data is being used to help co-engineers develop the expertise they need to have the fastest boat for this tournament. The testing revealed that data that is received from the boat sensors was about 16 GB that would fill the memory of an iPhone presently.