Winter Storm Delays Cruise Sailing Impacted Many

New York City is tattered by Winter Storm Grayson, it seems almost predictable that at least few of the ships which are set to sail this weekend would be impacted by this. Now talk about the Norwegian Breakaway will be sailed from the midtown Manhattan pier will also see its schedule thrown out of whack by the storm a bit.

How storm will change things?

An alert has been given to travel professionals that the winter storm would result in the return of Breakaway to Manhattan being delayed with the ripple effect impacting the sailing of cruise as well.

The 14 days Breakaway sailing will now reduce to 13-day sailing due to weather condition.

“Due to winter storm Grayson,” according to the notification, “The Norwegian Breakaway will have a postponed arrival in New York on 5th January. Because of this, 14-day cruise of Norwegian Breakaway that was scheduled originally to depart on 5th of January will now start its journey on the 6th of January at 3 p.m. And because of the late arrival of ship on Friday and the continuing weather situation, go on board guests are requested to arrive to the pier in the morning on Saturday morning; all the go on board guests must be on board by 1pm on the same day. This is standard practice followed that Norwegian want all its guests be aboard a minimum of two hours before the ship is set to sail.

This change could prove difficult for guests who would make plans on the supposition that they would be sailing on Friday as originally slated “The guests who are unable to adjust their travel plans can continue to missive Norwegian are welcome to board on the evening of Friday between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.”