The Success of 57th Hobcaw Yacht Club Regatta

Partick Chisum loves to sail and has been sailing almost for eight years competitively. But he has never been a participant in the Hobcaw Yacht Club regatta. Chisum decided to participate in the event with 125 boats that lasted for 2 long days. He determined to race his Lightning which is a complicated one that requires a crew of three. But it is capable of handling stronger winds. The Hobcaw Yacht Club regatta at its 57th year saw much more Lightning’s along with Sea Island One Design that was locally made.

Though he participated in the competition, he was more interested to take a dip in the waters of the Wando River amidst a windy atmosphere and sun shining brightly over the sky. Patrick is known to be a sailing enthusiast and is also associated with works so that kids can get involved with the sport easily.

Along with Chisum, local residents like Jessica Koenig and Mike Miller tried their luck against their contemporaries as well. The 2019 edition of the regatta witnessed boats from Georgia, Carolinas, as well as from Texas. Koenig, one of the competitors, is also Charleston Community Sailing’s Executive Director. She teaches kids about the sport as well. She stated that it is definitely a rewarding experience since many students to whom she taught competed in the youth divisions.

The vice commodore of the event this year, Brooks Melton, said all sailors between 7-68 years of age have hit the waters of the Wando River over the weekend for the Hobcaw Yacht Club regatta. Melton also stated that the 57th edition has shown a positive sign and so it is decided that it will move forward to get more success in the coming years with various types of boats.