Updates For The ICSA Sailors Of The Week

Although the 10th weekend of the ICSA was not relatively buzz with activity, it does not mean that the sailors did not give in a great performance. They did, and they showed off their display of skills in sailing the endurance that is required for the sport. The perfect weather in Carolina helped them create more of a perfect sail, with more of the sunny skies and the winds blowing at the ideal range of 10 – 15 knots. These are the conditions which every sailor will dream of.

The fleet had raced in the combined position and the two captains of the leading team gained the lead in the regatta and they had maintained the same lead for almost most of the time in the day. The pair from the Wolpac had displayed more of a dominance in the race and they had secured 10 points from the nine races and that enabled them to get the honors for the Sailors of the Week.

This weekend does not see any of the dedicated events in the Women’s category so for the sailors who are very much interested, they can move for the Co-ed competition. The main highlight of the particular day is the surge of the boats that finished in the last three. The vice president of the club also commended the efforts of the sailors and specially congratulated those who got the honors for being the Sailors of the Week. The sailors who are apart from the outside of the conference are also provided with recognition each week and are given the honors. Such honors and the buzzing community of sailing in the college level make this sport’s future a really exciting one and this culture is also enabling more countries to take up the same.