US Youth Champs Comes To Corpus Christi Again

The Corpus Christi Yacht Club had the chance to host the 2013 US Youth Championship.

Now, after a gap of 4 years, the yacht club will again be hosting the summit event in the US youth sailing event history. The club is really happy to have got the opportunity to host the young US sailors on its waters. A total of 175 top young sailors in America will be taking part in this prestigious youth sailing event.

The 2017 US Youth Sailing World Championship will be held from June 25th to 28th. The qualifications for the Youth Sailing Championship will be held for 4 out of the 6 classes. The young sailors under the age group of 20 years will get a chance to take part in this sailing event. Both young men and women can take part in the races and there are plenty of events on offer for the 4 days.

The competitors taking part in this event will get all the necessary support and event management for the organizers.

This event will be conducted under the purview of experienced coaches, judges and race officers in order to ensure that there is high-quality racing on display in Corpus Christi on all four days of the event.

The regatta youth sailing event has seen quite a lot of transformation since taking shape as the Youth Championships in 1973. This is a very good platform for all the young and budding sailors to hone their skills and to prove their mettle to reach the highest level of sailing. The sailor taking part in the Youth Championships will fill the rosters of many college sailing programs. They will be able to achieve the All-American status. The US Youth Sailing Championships is a stepping stone for sailors who aspire to be part of the famous US Sailing team and finally represent their country in the Olympics.