The Success of 57th Hobcaw Yacht Club Regatta

Partick Chisum loves to sail and has been sailing almost for eight years competitively. But he has never been a participant in the Hobcaw Yacht Club regatta. Chisum decided to participate in the event with 125 boats that lasted for 2 long days. He determined to race his Lightning which is a complicated one that requires a crew of three. But it is capable of handling stronger winds. The Hobcaw Yacht Club regatta at its 57th year saw much more Lightning’s along with Sea Island One Design that was locally made.

Though he participated in the competition, he was more interested to take a dip in the waters of the Wando River amidst a windy atmosphere and sun shining brightly over the sky. Patrick is known to be a sailing enthusiast and is also associated with works so that kids can get involved with the sport easily. Continue reading “The Success of 57th Hobcaw Yacht Club Regatta”

Misfortune for Sailing Connect

Goals to expand the prevalence of cruising through the more extensive reach of communicating TV endured a mishap with this declaration from two-time gainer of a gold medal at Olympics Shirley Robertson

The CNN Mainsail fragment has been a piece of CNN’s wearing line-up for a long time, and for as far back as 13 years, it’s additionally been an entirely extensive piece of my life. In TV terms, over 10 years is just about a lifetime, 156 versions, yet the excellence of this program was that no two months was the equivalent.
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Updates For The ICSA Sailors Of The Week

Although the 10th weekend of the ICSA was not relatively buzz with activity, it does not mean that the sailors did not give in a great performance. They did, and they showed off their display of skills in sailing the endurance that is required for the sport. The perfect weather in Carolina helped them create more of a perfect sail, with more of the sunny skies and the winds blowing at the ideal range of 10 – 15 knots. These are the conditions which every sailor will dream of.

The fleet had raced in the combined position and the two captains of the leading team gained the lead in the regatta and they had maintained the same lead for almost most of the time in the day. The pair from the Wolpac had displayed more of a dominance in the race and they had secured 10 points from the nine races and that enabled them to get the honors for the Sailors of the Week.
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Kiwis Begin Sail Sydney With A Bang And Belcher

Sailing Team Australia star Mat Belcher admits that he and his partner Will Ryan are not in the swing of campaigning yet for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but fresh training arrangement with two Japanese crews has improved the performance of duo to a new level, after they gave the demonstration on the first day of Sail Sydney on Sydney Harbor.

Ryan and Belcher were one of the standouts for Australia on the day that concluded with the crews of New Zealand leading in three of the seven Olympic classes. Sailor pair, who grabbed the silver medal at the Rio Games last year, magnificently closed out both their 470 races to assert their dominance over the fleet of 12-boat. However, in close competition were Naoya Kimura and Doi Kazuto, and Kimihiko Imamura and Daichi Takayama, who have joined Ryan and Belcher in a training alliance believes the parties will work to the benefit of Japanese and Australian 470 sailing. Continue reading “Kiwis Begin Sail Sydney With A Bang And Belcher”

Winter Storm Delays Cruise Sailing Impacted Many

New York City is tattered by Winter Storm Grayson, it seems almost predictable that at least few of the ships which are set to sail this weekend would be impacted by this. Now talk about the Norwegian Breakaway will be sailed from the midtown Manhattan pier will also see its schedule thrown out of whack by the storm a bit.

How storm will change things?

An alert has been given to travel professionals that the winter storm would result in the return of Breakaway to Manhattan being delayed with the ripple effect impacting the sailing of cruise as well.

The 14 days Breakaway sailing will now reduce to 13-day sailing due to weather condition.

“Due to winter storm Grayson,” according to the notification, “The Norwegian Breakaway will have a postponed arrival in New York on 5th January. Because of this, 14-day cruise of Norwegian Breakaway that was scheduled originally to depart on 5th of January will now start its journey on the 6th of January at 3 p.m. And because of the late arrival of ship on Friday and the continuing weather situation, go on board guests are requested to arrive to the pier in the morning on Saturday morning; all the go on board guests must be on board by 1pm on the same day. This is standard practice followed that Norwegian want all its guests be aboard a minimum of two hours before the ship is set to sail.

This change could prove difficult for guests who would make plans on the supposition that they would be sailing on Friday as originally slated “The guests who are unable to adjust their travel plans can continue to missive Norwegian are welcome to board on the evening of Friday between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.”